Financialize is the leading source of phone qualified leads for financial advisors and insurance agents. We use only the top Internet brands and proven lead qualification techniques to generate a steady stream of qualified prospects for our clients.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team has over 25 years of lead generation experience and a commitment to quality service that is unparalleled in the industry.

We can’t promise that every advisor will have the same success with our leads. Leads are a “numbers game”, and we all know it. What we can promise however is that we will do everything in our power to deliver only the most qualified leads that we think have a reasonable chance of turning into business for you.
Our Leads
We’ve got the best annuity and life insurance leads in the industry, and we leave nothing to chance.


1We start with the best sources

Our leads come from high quality, branded websites that we control. These sites attract consumers who know what they want, and are looking for help.

What better way to attract consumers interested in annuities than to have the best domain in the industry? Every consumer that comes to our site and fills out a form knows exactly what they want… an annuity!

Yes, we own as well! We use this site to attract “organic” visitors (i.e. the consumer comes to our site after typing in keywords like “invest in annuities” or “annuity rates” on Google or Bing)..

We attract the highest quality permanent life insurance prospects by using clear messaging and qualifying questions that put you in the best position for success. focuses on finding consumers interested in discussing their retirement planning with a licensed professional. We then try to phone qualify each lead to gauge their interest in safe money products such as annuities.

2We find the right prospects

Our carefully crafted advertisements find consumers who are interested in receiving help from an advisor, and who have money-in-motion.

3We qualify, qualify, qualify!

Our in-house call center qualifies every lead we sell. This process weeds out the bad leads, and qualifies the good leads’ assets and interests. Our goal is to set you up for a productive face-to-face meeting. We even give you the notes we take during our phone call!

Lead Programs
Ok, so we generate great leads. The question now is how do you buy them? We’ve designed
Financialize to give you several options, as well as complete control over the process.

Priority Leads

Top producers use our Priority Leads to lock-up the best leads before they reach the auction. We tailor the program to your county(s), using top sources like Google to find prospects ready to meet with you.

Auction Leads

Use our Annuity Leads to cast a wider net, with no risk or credit card required. You’ll access leads at lower prices and will be able to preview leads before ever making a bid.

The Marketplace

Pick & choose exclusive Annuity and Life Leads that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Use filters on multiple criteria (age, assets, location, etc.) to find the exact lead(s) you are looking for.

Priority Leads: Phone Qualified Leads Only!

These are our top-of-the-line phone qualified leads. We ask rigorous questions to qualify the
prospect for you, and do our best to set up you up for a follow-up call or appointment. Here is
how it works:

  1. Sign-up for the Program (takes about 3 minutes!).
  2. Choose your Territory .
  3. Set your Monthly Budget (we work with you to help you succeed, whatever your budget!).
  4. Receive real-time notification when each exclusive lead has been assigned to you.
  5. Get the notes from our call with the prospect and you should be well on your way to closing
    the sale!

PRICE: $350 per lead

Auction Leads

As the name suggests, Auction leads are purchased through on online auction/bidding process. Receive
alerts when an Auction lead becomes available in your territory. Only bid on or buy leads that
interest you. Lead auctions last 24 business hours. You are only billed when you win an auction.


Receive Lead Alerts

You give us your territory, and we’ll send you email alerts for leads to bid on.


Preview the Lead

See the lead’s details to see if it’s a “fit” for you (age, assets, interests, etc.).


Make a Bid

If you’ve ever used eBay, you’ll know this is super easy! You control everything!

If you WIN the auction we’ll send you the complete lead details (all
leads are 100% exclusive!).
If you lose the auction, don’t worry, we’ll send you lead alerts for new
leads as soon as they become available in your area.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is where you’ll find a wide selection of Annuity & Life leads available to purchase.
The price of each lead is determined by a range of factors, including phone qualification, age, retirement assets or coverage amounts.

  1. The Marketplace is open to any agent with an active account.
  2. There are NO minimum purchase requirements or contracts.
  3. You can view the lead details (except contact information) prior to purchase.
  4. Multiple filters exist to help you narrow your search for leads.
  5. Both Annuity & Life leads are available on the Marketplace.

PRICE: From $5 to $175 per lead

4.9 out of 5 Stars

We are America’s #1 Independently Rated Source for Annuities

Consumers rate us highest, and the trust they have in us makes your job easier!

Shopper Award

We generate over 7,500 Annuity & Life leads per month

Here is a sample of what our phone qualifiers deliver.

Notes from an actual lead:

Charles has $325,000 saved for his retirement. Over $200,000 of this money is in his IRA, While the rest is in a combination of mutual funds and stocks. His greatest concern is outliving his retirement savings, so he is interested in a product that will guarantee monthly income when he is older. He and his wife would like to retire in 5 years and want to be sure they are making smart choices with their money. Charles says the advisor can call anytime but prefers late afternoons if possible.

Still have questions? We’ve been doing this for years, so we’re guessing that
the following are questions that you might be thinking about.
What results should I expect?
On average, advisors set 50% to 70% of our leads to appointment.
Individual results will of course vary, but if you aren’t closing at
least 10% of your leads to sale, something is wrong.
Which leads should I purchase?
We recommend all agents to purchase Priority Leads as these are our best, cherry-picked leads, while Auction Leads allow you to bid on specific annuity leads, and the Marketplace helps you cast a wider net and pick & choose from the remaining leads at your convenience.
How many leads are available in my territory?
This depends on which program(s) you choose, how large your territory is, and what your monthly budget is for leads. Our system is able to increase and decrease lead flow in specific areas on demand, so unless you cover a very small, rural area we should be able to get you leads.
Are there any pre-payments or minimum requirements?
No. There are no set-up fees, no monthly minimums and no pre-payments.
You are free to come and go as you like.
So, hopefully we’ve convinced you! You want to buy leads. We want to sell leads. So far, so good!
Set-up your account in 3-minutes using our self-service wizard, and you’ll be on your way to getting your first client via Financialize!