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What results should I expect?
On average, advisors set 50% to 70% of our leads to appointment.
Individual results will of course vary, but if you aren't closing at
least 10% of your leads to sale, something is wrong.
Should I use the Elite Program or the Auction Program?
You should sign up for both. The Elite Program will deliver you our best, cherry-picked leads, while the Auction Program helps you cast a wider net and pick & choose from the remaining leads at your convenience.
How many leads are available in my territory?
This depends on which program(s) you choose (the Elite Program gets the most), how large your territory is, and what your monthly budget is for leads. Our system is able to increase and decrease lead flow in specific areas on demand, so unless you cover a very small, rural area we should be able to get you leads.
Are there any pre-payments or minimum requirements?
No. There are no set-up fees, no monthly minimums and no pre-payments.
You are free to come and go as you like.