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Financialize is the highest rated and fastest growing lead generation service for
Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors, focusing primarily on the Annuity market.

Trusted Sources = Better Leads

Consumers that visit our domains know exactly what they want, and what they’ll get when you call.

Phone Qualified = Better Results

Agents close 50% to 70% of our leads to appointment because we speak to 100% of the leads we sell.

Qualification is done by our in-house call center representatives (our employees, not contractors!).

Leads are screened with qualifying questions about their retirement assets and their purchase timeline.

Advisor Reviews

  • "My first appointment had over $1M to invest into annuities,
    and he was well prepared for my visit. The qualification team really did its job!

    Darrach Bourke, Larkspur, CA

  • "One of my advisors received 13 leads, set 5 appointments, recorded 2 sales,
    $358,000 in premium, and $27,840 in commissions... These results are typical!”

    Anthony Owen, Co-Founder, Annuity Agents Alliance

  • "This month we've set 15 appointments out of 18 leads... that's over 80%.
    And the average investable amount has been $475,000!"

    Dena Alvis, Houston, TX

  • "22 leads, 5 sales, $690,000 in premium, $48,000 in commissions...
    for around $2,000. These numbers speak for themselves."

    Tom Malone, Atlanta, GA

  • “I’ve had 7 face-to-face appointments from the last 9 leads I’ve purchased,
    with 2 confirmed sales, and 3 more pending!”

    Richard Lanthem, Minneapolis, MN

We can’t promise that every advisor will have the same success with our leads. Leads are a “numbers game”, and we all know it. What we can promise however is that we will do everything in our power to deliver only the most qualified leads that we think have a reasonable chance of turning into business for you.

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We are America’s #1 Independently Rated Source for Annuities

Consumers rate us highest, and the trust they have in us makes your job easier!

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We generate over 5,000 Monthly Annuity Leads

Here is a sample of what our phone qualifiers deliver.

Notes from an actual lead:

Charles has $325,000 saved for his retirement. Over $200,000 of this money is in his IRA, While the rest is in a combination of mutual funds and stocks. His greatest concern is outliving his retirement savings, so he is interested in a product that will guarantee monthly income when he is older. He and his wife would like to retire in 5 years and want to be sure they are making smart choices with their money. Charles says the advisor can call anytime but prefers late afternoons if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been doing this for years, so we’re guessing that the following are questions that you might be thinking about.

What type of lead programs do you have?

Our most popular program is our “Elite Leads”. These leads are $250 each, are phone qualified, and meet strict qualification requirements. We have a “Priority Position” option ($300 per lead) that allows you to lock in your territories and ensures we fill your monthly budget before other agents in the area. We also have an Auction program where you can view details on leads and bid on them – the lead going to the highest bidder.

What does an “average lead” look like?

The average age of a prospect is 63 years old. Their average retirement investment asset amount is $177,000.

What does “pre-qualified” mean?

Pre-qualified means that we speak to every Elite lead we sell. Prospects are put through a qualification process designed to weed out prospects with no retirement monies, or no true interest to speak with a financial professional.

What does money-in-motion mean?

During our phone call with the prospect, we try to get as much information as we can about where their retirement monies are, as we know there is a big difference between a 65 year old with money in a CD, IRA or bank account vs. a 56 year old with money in a 401(k) with their current employer.

Do prospects know that I will be calling them?

Yes, our trained, in-house staff (all employees, not outsources contractors) focus their efforts on qualifying the prospect and then setting you up for a follow-up phone call. The prospect will know that a “local financial professional” will be calling them to take the next steps.

What results should I expect?

On average, agents set 50% to 70% of our leads to appointment. Individual results will of course vary, but if you aren’t closing at least 10% of your leads to sale, something is wrong. We provide resources to help you succeed, ranging from how to make a follow-up call to understanding drip marketing and sales funnels.

Are there any pre-payments or minimum requirements?

No. There are no set-up fees, no monthly minimums and no pre-payments. You are free to come and go as you like.