Testimonials BG Dark

  • "My first appointment had over $1M to invest into annuities,
    and he was well prepared for my visit. The qualification team really did its job!

    Darrach Bourke, Larkspur, CA

  • "One of my advisors received 13 leads, set 5 appointments, recorded 2 sales,
    $358,000 in premium, and $27,840 in commissions... These results are typical!”

    Anthony Owen, Co-Founder, Annuity Agents Alliance

  • "This month we've set 15 appointments out of 18 leads... that's over 80%.
    And the average investable amount has been $475,000!"

    Dena Alvis, Houston, TX

  • "22 leads, 5 sales, $690,000 in premium, $48,000 in commissions...
    for around $2,000. These numbers speak for themselves."

    Tom Malone, Atlanta, GA

  • “I’ve had 7 face-to-face appointments from the last 9 leads I’ve purchased,
    with 2 confirmed sales, and 3 more pending!”

    Richard Lanthem, Minneapolis, MN

Nov, 24, 2014